AtopX Emulsion

Advanced Eczema Care

AtopXtm Emulsion’s petrolatum base and advanced healing technology soothe the symptoms of atopic, irritant, and radiation dermatoses. With a safety profile rivaling over-the-counter management items, AtopXtm Emulsion is sure to become the standard of care for this prevalent skin disorder.

Non-sensitizing, non-irritating, non-cytotoxic*

Relieves itching, burning, and discomfort while aiding healing process

Indicated for the management of atopic, irritant, and radiation dermatitis

Hexagen Wound Dressing

Acute and Chronic Wound Management

Hexagen Wound Dressing employs the proven and trusted PermaFusion™ technology first showcased in our original product offering, CurX Antimicrobial Gel, and extends indications into chronic and advanced wound care. Hexagen is non-irritating, non-cytotoxic, and non-sensitizing, as well as suitable for extended-wear. Hexagen Wound Dressing maintains its effectiveness for days between dressing changes, and won’t dry up or macerate wounds like hydrogels. In laboratory testing, Hexagen shows immediate and long-term antimicrobial effectiveness against a wide spectrum of pathogens, including bacteria, fungi, and yeasts, all without damaging fragile, healing tissue*.

Non-Irritating, Non-Sensitizing, Non-Cytotoxic*

Petrolatum base won’t dry up or macerate wounds like hydrogels

Petrolatum base protects wounds, as well as prevents dressing adherence and subsequent wound disruption

Wide spectrum of effectiveness against known pathogens*

The FiltreX Dressing

Bi-Directionally Brilliant

The Global Health Solutions FiltreX Dressing not only prevents pathogens from moving in either direction, but is impenetrable to fluid while simultaneously allowing for a 200cfm (cubic feet/minute) gas exchange*. These characteristics permit particulate free air to reach the wound surface while encouraging necessary evaporation. The FiltreX is highly tear resistant, hypo-allergenic, lasts up to one week between changes, and its low-friction surface makes transfers a breeze.

The FiltreX Dressing is an N99 filtration grade* breathable, comfortable, adhesively bound barrier device placed on top of a surgical site or open wound that is bi-directionally impenetrable to pathogens and/or liquid.

*Data on file, and available here