Our proprietary, first of its kind mixing technology permanently fuses liquid ingredients into petrolatum without an emulsifier. the petrolatum acts as a gentle carrier matrix, with the biologically active ingredients residing solely within tiny, broadly dispersed, liquid microdroplets.



New drug candidate for the treatment of Onychomycosis pending IND submission in Q2, 2018.

Superficial Infection

New drug candidate for the treatment and prevention of superficial skin infection pending IND submission in Q4, 2018.

Herpes Ophthalmicus/Shingles of the Eye

Orphan drug candidate for the treatment and prevention of herpes ophthalmicus pending IND submission in Q4, 2018.


Catheter Infection Protection Antimicrobial Emulsion

510k Submission-Q2, 2017. This antimicrobial emulsion will combine the broad spectrum protection of Hexagen Wound Dressing with the extended-wear properties required for protection from catheter related bloodstream infections at exit sites. Hexagen technology has been shown in laboratory tests to be anti-yeast, fungal, and bacterial (gram positive and negative) without irritating or sensitizing skin. This iteration of our platform technology provides long-term, non-irritating, powerful catheter related blood stream infection protection.

Antimicrobial Saturated Petrolatum Gauze

510K Submission-Q2, 2017. This innovation upon standard of care, petrolatum soaked gauze will offer practitioners an innovative option for their standard of post-surgical care. Our antimicrobial petrolatum saturated gauze will combine the gentleness of petroleum soaked gauze with broad-spectrum protection against microbial infiltration.

Antimicrobial Petrolatum Saturated Collagen Gauze

510K Submission-Q4, 2017. Our Saturated Collagen Gauze will combine the granulation promoting effects of collagen with the antimicrobial benefits of our signature formula, Hexagen Wound Dressing, to reduce and prevent bioburden while protecting the delicate biologic.