Our proprietary, first of its kind mixing technology permanently fuses liquid ingredients into petrolatum without an emulsifier. the petrolatum acts as a gentle carrier matrix, with the biologically active ingredients residing solely within tiny, broadly dispersed, liquid microdroplets.

PermaFusion™ requires no emulsifier, yet creates a permanent, inseparable fusion of liquid and petrolatum. Due to this lack of emulsifier, there is no dilution of the biologically active ingredients throughout the formula. We use less, while creating the clinical effect of more.

As an example, Hexagen Wound Dressing contains potent, suspended liquid biocides to inhibit microbial growth. In standard liquid form, these biocides are irritating and cytotoxic if left in contact greater than a period of seconds. Hexagen is proven and tested to be non-cytotoxic, as well as irritation and allergy free, even over extended duration under occlusion, all the while providing potent antimicrobial efficacy on contact and over time1.

Hexagen Wound Dressing has even been shown to kill 99.999% of MRSA within 30 seconds, 99.96% of spores such as Trichophyton Rubrum within 10 minutes, as well as maintain microbial growth inhibition of bacteria, fungi, and yeasts for up to 28 days.

PermaFusion products do not require the practitioner to sacrifice gentleness for potency in any indication employed.