How do I order Global Health Products, such as Hexagen Wound Dressing?

Global Health Solutions products are available only through qualified distributors. Contact your distributor representative for ordering information.

My clinic/hospital/home health center orders from another distributor; can we still obtain?

Yes. Contact your respective distributor representative; he/she can source from McKesson, as this is common practice.

What are the McKesson item numbers for Hexagen Wound Dressing?

Doctor Offices and Surgicenters order from the Primary Care division of McKesson; the Primary Care item number is 1058518. Hospitals, Nursing Homes, and Durable Medical Suppliers source products from the Extended Care division of McKesson; the Extended Care item number is 23002100.

What is the difference between CurX and Hexagen?

CurX Antimicrobial Gel and Hexagen Wound Dressing are formulaically identical. CurX Antimicrobial Gel is labeled for use as a drug product to treat and prevent infection in acute wounds and minor superficial infections. Hexagen Wound Dressing is a 510k approved prescription medical device with indications for the management of acute and chronic wounds.

Is CurX still available?

Hexagen Wound Dressing is permanently replacing CurX Antimicrobial Gel. The formulas are identical; the labeling and indications remain the only differences.