Laboratory and in-vivo testing on CurX/Hexagen and FiltreX.

*CurX/Hexagen Are Formulaically Identical, Only Differing in Name and Indications

Primary Skin Irritation Testing

Geneva Laboratories

ISO 10993 primary skin irritation testing shows a total lack of irritation in the animal model.

Cytotoxicity Testing

Geneva Laboratories

ISO 10993 cytotoxicity testing confirms a lack of destructive effect on mammalian cells.

Suspension Time Kill: T. RUBRUM

Antimicrobial Test Laboratories

Suspension Time Kill: MRSA

Antimicrobial Test Laboratories

USP 51 Antimicrobial Efficacy Testing

Micro Quality Labs

5 organisms; 5 time points. This test measures the ability of a product to inhibit growth of microorganisms in a closed system.

Human Repeat Insult Patch Testing

BioScreen Testing Services, Inc.

24-48 hour occluded applications across all skin types were performed in an attempt to evaluate primary irritation or sensitization on human skin.

ISO 10993 Sensitization Testing


ISO Closed Patch Sensitization Study in Guinea Pigs

24 Hour Suspension Time Kill Data: Staphylococcus Epidermidis


FiltreX N99 Filtration Testing

NIOSH Protocol

Multi-Use/Conditioned Product Stability Testing (Aged 2+ years)

Microchem Laboratory