Laboratory and in-vivo testing on CurX/PolyPlex and FiltreX.

ISO 10993 Sensitization Testing


ISO Closed Patch Sensitization Study in Guinea Pigs

Cytotoxicity Testing

Geneva Laboratories

ISO 10993 cytotoxicity testing confirms a lack of destructive effect on mammalian cells.

Primary Skin Irritation Testing

Geneva Laboratories

ISO 10993 primary skin irritation testing shows a total lack of irritation in the animal model.

Suspension Time Kill: MRSA

Antimicrobial Test Laboratories

Suspension Time Kill: T. RUBRUM

Antimicrobial Test Laboratories

Human Repeat Insult Patch Testing

BioScreen Testing Services, Inc.

24-48 hour occluded applications across all skin types were performed in an attempt to evaluate primary irritation or sensitization on human skin.

USP 51 Antimicrobial Efficacy Testing

Micro Quality Labs

5 organisms; 5 time points. This test measures the ability of a product to inhibit growth of microorganisms in a closed system.