What is PermaFusion™ technology?

PermaFusion™ is a novel delivery system technology that enables effective delivery of powerful ingredients in petrolatum without insult to surrounding tissue.

How is PolyPlex applied?

Directly to the wound after cleansing and before application of a sterile dressing.

How long does PolyPlex last?

PolyPlex is FDA Approved for 72 hours of extended-wear between dressing changes, eliminating the need to change dressings on a daily basis.

Is the use of GHS products a guarantee that no infection will take place?

No. The products offer protection from infection and localized, antimicrobial benefits, but we cannot make any guarantees that the patient will not suffer an infection.

Is the FiltreX peripheral adhesive hypoallergenic?


What is the sterilized shelf life of the FiltreX?

Two years.

What is the shelf-life of CurX and PolyPlex?

Two years.

Where can I buy Global Health Solutions products?

GHS products are sold to, and administered by, licensed medical practitioners. GHS products are sold directly by the manufacturer, and proudly through McKesson Medical-Surgical.

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