Our Advanced Medical Technologies Help Manage the Widest Variety of Acute and Chronic Wounds, Including Diabetic Ulcers, Trauma Wounds, Post-Surgical Incisions, and Donor Sites

Until now, the ideal environment for managing acute and chronic wounds had yet to be identified. With the increasing emergence of resistant pathogens coupled with the unprecedented rise in chronic wounds, management tools unaffected by antibiotic resistance and capable of withstanding the rigors of extended dressing change intervals have become increasingly important in the spectrum of care.

FDA Approved PolyPlex Wound Dressing contains the proven and trusted PermaFusion™ technology first employed in CurX Antimicrobial Gel. PolyPlex provides a powerful, non-irritating, non-cytotoxic barrier to even the most resistant bacterial and fungal pathogens, while its petrolatum base prevents subsequent dressing adherence without maceration. PolyPlex is FDA Approved and indicated for post-surgical incisions, diabetic and venous ulcers, trauma wounds, even donor sites, and petrolatum-based PolyPlex won’t dissolve biologic skin substitutes while protecting against contamination at the site.

The bi-directionally brilliant FiltreX Dressing prevents pathogens from reaching, or escaping, the wound site for days. FiltreX contains aerospace grade filtration material that permanently entraps sub-micron particulates, such as bacteria and spores, in its electrostatically charged matrix. FiltreX is also highly water-resistant, comfortable, durable, and suitable for extended wear intervals.

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